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One of the conditions of being human is, even if we're surrounded by others, we essentially live our lives alone. Real life takes place inside us.
—Paul Auster   [Note]

I'm speaking at Open Source Bridge 2013

I'm speaking at the jQuery Conference 2013

(Atom) New Essays

Eschewing Zshell for Emacs
The Emacs Shell, or EShell, is a unique and quite powerful shell that allows you to write your supporting functions in Lisp. This article explores its features.
Why Learn Emacs for Great Good
As a professional software engineer, I'm stunned that put up with an editor that insists that you bind your fingers to someone else's accepted practice...
Clustered Random Numbers
Using functional programming techniques and the standard functions from Underscore to generate random numbers that favor particular numbers. Useful for picking colors.
Getting Started with Emacs
Just learning? Well, this ancient editor can be modernized for someone without much memory already embedded in their fingertips.
Literate Programming Followup
Links and other bookmarks from my presentation at the Open Source Bridge in Portland, June 2013
Client-Side Multivariate Testing
Links and some extra information associated with my talk I gave at the jQuery Summit in 2013
Whence Spring?
Once upon a time, the Spring Framework was the cat's meow. Now, it has been branded with the evil moniker, Enterprise Software. But I have my own reasons for not caring too much for it.
Emacs E-Shell
How to get your aliases working in Emacs' pretty cool Eshell.
zsh: The Git Module
How many times do you type 'git status' or 'git add --update'? Perhaps an alias or two is in order?
zsh: Precommands and a Better Find
A precommand is a shell instruction that affects how the rest of the command line behaves. Zshell's nifty 'noglob' worked well for aliases.

(RSS) Updated Essays

The Evolution of the Web
What is the intrinsic purpose of the internet? Anything more than talking oranges and bad music videos? Afraid not.
zsh: Bang History Word Substitution
I've been happy with Ctrl-R and the up-arrow to get to my command history, but word substitution makes we want to use the bang in zsh.
zsh: More Word Expansion
Zshell has modifiers for the parameter (word) designators I mentioned last time. Let's look at some of these.
zsh: OSX Module
What is in the "osx" module that comes with oh-my-zsh? Let's take a look.
Show Me Yer Technical Chops
Help me come up with a list of good interview questions to gauge a software engineer's abilities.
... in Technical
Dynamic Content with Javascript
Some notes on using DOM to manipulate dynamic forms in Javascript and getting the same code to work on all browsers without browser-specific code.