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What’s New?

New Design

12 Oct 2014

For half the web sites I visit, I use either a tablet or w3m (in an Emacs window, of course), I’ve realized that I should make my own web more accessible and flexible.

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Everything should be simple, open, and easy. Oh, and did I mention that I’m publishing directly from Emacs. Yeah, that is how old men do.

My original blog was originally written in Markdown. Once easy to write in, org-mode is much better. To convert or not convert them all? I’ve done these, but most of my original essays will continue to date themselves.

Nothing is so intolerable to man as being fully at rest, without a passion, without business, without entertainment, without care.
—Blaise Pascal

Online Presentations

26 Aug 2014

After all the fun I had this summer at the Open Source Bridge giving my talks on both Lisp/Clojure and Emacs, I figured that I would upload them to YouTube:

Just noticed that the audio to my talk, Literate Programming now has the audio online, however, without the Emacs demonstration of org-mode, I wonder how helpful it would be.

Scratch Tutorial

14 Aug 2014

Gave a tutorial on Scratch to 50 children at the OSCON Kids Day. Lot of fun, so I made a special online Scratch tutorial, where a kid could run my video in one browser window, and follow along in a second window running Scratch.

Eschewing Zshell for Emacs

6 Sep 2014

The Emacs Shell, or EShell, is a unique and quite powerful shell that allows you to write your supporting functions in Lisp. This article beyond my original introduction to explore it deeper.

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Why Emacs?

17 Mar 2014

As a professional software engineer, I’m stunned that put up with an editor that insists that you bind your fingers to someone else’s accepted practice.

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Clustered Random Numbers for Art

9 Feb 2014

Using functional programming techniques and the standard functions from Underscore to generate random numbers that favor particular numbers. Useful for picking colors.

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Getting Started with Emacs

19 Jan 2014

Just learning? Well, this ancient editor can be modernized for someone without much memory already embedded in their fingertips.

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A/B Testing at jQuery Summit

6 Sep 2013

The jQuery 2013 Summit published my A/B Testing Tutorial with jQuery presentation. Why yes, I did have a lot of fun with SP Studio.

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