Pigmice Organization

First Problem


Build Season is Too Short and Too much Work

  • Our entire team often work sequentially.
  • Team mates are often unclear what to do.
  • Teams unclear what to deliver to others.

How can we effectively work together?

Sub Team Structure

Each Captain structures their team into sub-teams.

Each sub-team needs:

  • Leadership:
    • A Lead / Student Mentor
    • Leads need Assistants (probably Freshmen)
  • Clear responsibility
  • Ownership

Teams do not need silos. (What’s a silo?)

Sub Teams Structure

Sub-teams allow us to:

  • Work in parallel
  • Clear products and deliverables
  • Defined Knowledge

Second Problem


100 Freshmen are interested in Pigmice
15 come back the next week
5 stay and become contributing members

We need to engage new members!

Engaging New Members

New members need to know the following:

  1. What our Robotics Team is/does
  2. Why join?
  3. Their potential place in our organization
  4. How they can be productive

What We Do

Clearly, this is pretty easy to explain.

  • FRC
  • Pigmice
  • Outreach and Service Projects
  • Our team structure

Why Join?

Place Pigmice and FRC in a larger context.

  • Mad Skillz
    • Learning STEM by applying STEM
    • Building Large Projects
    • Leadership and Mentorship
  • Helping the community and your school
  • Community Outreach
  • Part of a team

Your Place in Pigmice

Our Team Structure shows their potential place, but how would a new member know where they fit?

Each team and subteam should:

  • Give a presentation explaining their group
  • Make a demonstration to show off what they do
  • Create a small project for new students to try

That’s a lot of stuff to finish over the summer!

Being Productive

How can new member learn basics quickly?

How do most students learn? How did you learn?

  • Online?
  • Lessons?
  • Projects?

At the beginning of the school year, you’ll be teaching all the new students.

Are you ready?

Date: 2017 Jun 28

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