Kicking the Muffler on Clojure

The idiom, kicking the tires used to mean someone wanting to investigate something they know so little about, that they kick the tires of a car to make sure it doesn’t fall apart. What would happen, however, if you kicked the muffler?

While most people who know better would suggest not doing that, perhaps kicking it bits you shouldn’t would help you understand why you shouldn’t.

In other words, what happens if do things wrong in a computer language…just to see. Nothing I’m going to show should be done for realsies, but we might just get a better understanding of how Clojure works.

Map Access

Let’s give map access a light toe tap with something you actually should do. Let’s begin with creating a map in our repl:

    (def somemap {:a 1 :b 2 :c 3})

Date: 2015 Dec 04

Created: 2020-12-22 Tue 22:31