Online Cybersecurity and Encryption

Don’t Trust Anything

Everything is easy to spoof

Email myself an email from someone famous. Works with Emacs.


Basic Security

Points to make:

  • Be skeptical of everything
  • Good passwords:
    • Unique account, unique password … every account gets new password.
    • Make your password a sentence … longer, the better
  • Careful with the links … hover first
  • Types of Attacks:
    • Direct exploits … require a software bug
      • DROP TABLE –
      • Buffer Overflows
      • Use automated software updates
    • What is spam
    • What is phishing? - Types of Phishing:
      • Social Engineering
      • Link Manipulation


History of Ciphers

  • Julius Ceaser


  • When the Prince of Nigeria calls, you have to answer

Date: 2017 Feb 26

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