Ada Lovelace

Her Life

Ada was born 200 years ago. Her parents were part of the aristocracy, and her father was the famous poet, Lord Byron (who I studied in high school and college).

Her parents separated when Ada was just a baby, and her mother was a bit disillusioned…maybe even a bit bitter.

, mother convinced he was insane. Mother pushed mathematics and logic. She seem to idealize her father, and thought to combine poetry and math She died of cancer at 35

Difference Engine

Charles Babbage created the concept…never built until this century.

Contribution to Programming

Realized that a number is a symbol Just as numbers could be changed based on rules, so could symbols.


6502 machine language:

LDA ($A9) 5 INC ADC ($69) 6

(Get the numbers for LDA, INC, and ADD) (Convert to binary)

  • Return from Subroutine (RTS): $60

Date: 2014 Nov 16

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