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I found Ken Nordine through his regular radio program, Word Jazz, and he definitely was an early influence to get me interested in poetry.

While I know it isn't nice to distribute an artist's work, I would like to expose his work to more people, so after you enjoy him perform this poem of The Kingdom of Noxt, please stop by his place and order more of his work at

Kingdom of Noxt

by Ken Nordine

I want to take you to the Kingdom of Noxt
Have you been there?
You know how things begin
You tell yourself, hey, hey, this is it
This is the beginning
And that's what it becomes
For you and for me
That's because beginnings are arbitrary
They only happen
When you tell yourself they're going to happen
Maybe that's why they happen the way they do
Anytime you want them to.
It could be this very moment
Right now
This perpendicular to what they call eternity
This is as good a time as any
The one we're in
As of now
There's a phrase, As of Now
The one we're in
Where everything is
Where everything is happening
Where every beginning that's ever been begun
Had to begin
Here where we are
Now. As of Now
This instance within all the instances
Where all the beginnings and all the endings
For that matter
Come and go
Here where we are
In this huge, impossibly immense moment
Where all our yesterdays
See them back there
One next to the one next to the one next to the one before it
Way, way back
Going back as far as the eye asking why can see
Way back there
Where we are now
You can see crowds of memory
From way back then
So far away back then and yesterday and all
The little histories that we're made of
Begin to fade to a distant blur
Who-- who is that back there
I'll never forget--
What was his name?
You remember?
He was going with the most beautiful girl in the world
I don't remember her name either
There they were as real
As being inside of "As of Now"
Here where we are inside this huge impossibly immense moment
Where all our tomorrows
See them?
In front of us
As far forward as the eye asking why can see
Stretching out beyond the reachable, uncountable
With all their nights and days awaiting
Waiting with the yet to be
All those tomorrows
All those hopes
All those desires
Everything is going to be perfect
You wait
You'll see
'Cause here, here we are
Wait. Where are we?
Here we are in the Kingdom of Noxt
Where all the nexts begin
You see, behind every next
Is an infinite number of noxts
A pyramid of noxts
Oh, I know noxt isn't in the dictionary
Not yet
But it will be
Just as sure as next is now
For tomorrow, or maybe the day after
You and I will start saying, "What's noxt?"
Of course, we'll know its a historical kind of understanding
Of what next was
Before it became next
Let me explain it another way
Its like one side of a teeter-totter is next
And the other side is noxt
And of course, the center, the folcrum, is just now
So you have noxt, next to now, and next noxt to now
Doesn't that make sense?
It does to me
Let's see
What's noxt?

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