Making Web Pages

What are Web Pages?

Most everything you see on the Internet is a “web page”. These pages can be static (meaning pages with words, pictures and even movies) and dynamic (meaning the stuff on the page changes with some programming).

What’s Good about Web Pages?

Perhaps it should be obvious, but you can do some amazing things with web pages (once you learn to program with JavaScript):

  • Newsletter for your club
  • Writing an interactive children’s book
  • Constantly changing art or designs
  • Flash cards for learning something new

How to Learn Web Pages?

Use a web browser, and follow the lectures and exercises at CodeAcademy at:

Then, learn advanced web page skills:

Make interactive web pages by learning some JavaScript:

How to Use Web Pages at Home?

Try out new web page ideas with: When you are done with your creation, click the “Bin Info” button on the bottom right corner, and select Download.

While you can easily write and view your web pages on your computer, the point is to share those pages, and this is where it gets a bit more tricky. When you get to this point, we’ll talk about options in class.

Created: 2023-01-11 Wed 21:34